browsing proposals, classes and meetings anywhere in the public school network is open to anyone on website. to see what is happening in brussels click on the ‘somewhere’ menu and select ‘brussels’. a ‘google translate’ button will give a rough translation of all the content.

to participate in the public school simply visit the facebook page or ‘sign up’ and ‘log in’ to website.

propose a class

a proposal is only an idea until it has been made public. some proposals are an expression of need, others are pure imagination, some point to a lack of something, and still others express an inequitable distribution of resources. but all of these proposals function similarly in that they describe what does not happen (for the city, for a particular community, or for the individual who put forward the idea).

if you want to propose a class for something you would like to take, or teach, or see happen you can make a post on facebook, click ‘make proposals’ on the website, or email a proposal to

proposal descriptions can be short, such as simply ‘finding architecture’ or long already developed courses. they can be made in english, french or dutch. once the proposal is posted online others can express their interest and add comments or questions. proposals are initially discussed and developed through this public forum.

follow a class

a class activates the idea of the proposal. a class is where some people together organize one (or a combination) of posted proposals.

to show you are interested in a class click ‘like’ on facebook or the ‘add me’ button of the post on the website. you can also ask questions and help develop any topic by posting comments.

attend a meeting

meetings are scheduled events where some people decide to perform a class or a proposal. each meeting belongs to the people who participate in it, but the proposal belongs to anyone in a way that only a shared idea can.

if you plan to attend a scheduled meeting click ‘going’ to an event on facebook or ‘attending’ on the website. the discussion board is still open for questions and feedback.

follow brussels

to keep up-to-date on what is happening in the public school go to ‘my account’ and ‘edit’. at the bottom of the page you can select to follow ‘brussels.’ you will receive weekly email updates about proposals, classes and meetings in brussels.